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How Often Should You Replace Socks?

Socks are the accessory that doesn't hit the mind while updating the wardrobe. One must remember that it is one of those items in a wardrobe that is required to keep feet cosy and warm during winter days. It makes sure that we don't rub our feet directly on shoes and harm them with daily step count. 

Before we dive deep into these aspects, make sure to buy well-crafted patterned socks that are colourful and look good. Now that you've decided to update your wardrobe, let's know the reason that compels you to get a new pair of socks. 

People often buy socks when they lose their elasticity and the colour disappears or has uncomfortable holes. ever thought about why socks smell? Let's discuss the problems which each of us might have encountered in our everyday lives.



Funky pair of socks with colourful patterns and Polka dots looks good. It is very frustrating when your favourite socks have a nasty black stain. It may be because of rubbing on the track or the sole of the shoes. 

Despite washing them the stain doesn't disappear. This could be one of the reasons why your socks get discarded frequently. 


Less Elasticity

Loss of elasticity is one such annoying thing that destroys your socks. Imagine your socks get very loose and you are not able to wear them anymore. It can also wrinkle around the shoes which look shabby. It doesn't look good, right? Going to a business meeting with such kinds of socks can also put down your confidence.  


What To Do To Protect Your Socks?

Keep your feet super clean by taking daily showers or cleaning your feet. This is important because when sweat builds up, it can cause the smell of the socks and discolouration. You can also use a shoe tree to make sure that your shoes don't come into contact with your socks.

Buy good quality socks so that the colour doesn't bleed. You can also refer to buying good quality shoes that don't leave stains on your socks.

A very good quality funky striped socks would be great as they will not wrinkle or get loose very soon. Drying the socks in the sun for a longer duration can cause them to lose their elasticity. Also do not use direct heat on your socks like a steam iron. Make sure you avoid mistakes. 

Trim your nails so that it doesn't poke holes in them. Follow the washing instructions. You can also mix and match the socks from Omni socks.


How Often Should We Replace The Socks?

Given that socks provide great protection to our feet, we might want to know how often we should replace them. Along with wearing them daily, the general wear and tear and laundry requirements are also factors that often decide how often we should purchase socks. You can update your wardrobe once a year with good quality natural color socks and funky socks.

Omni socks are sold in pairs, in singles or odd numbers. They are aimed to mix and match by the customer for self-expression and creativity.

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