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How to Combine Socks to Your Suit?

The basic rule for men's socks is absolutely easy. It was earlier believed that the colour of the sock must match the trouser’s colour. This implies wearing blue socks with blue pants and black socks with black trousers. Natural colour socks were preferred more. It is boring, right? 


Bold socks in different patterns look alluring and break the monotony. Colour socks with black suit look amazing. It is a good rule to look subtle and match the colour of the trousers for business settings but for the person who likes adventurous dresses, it might get dull for sure.


What Could be Done? 

The answer is to mix it up! There is definitely scope for men to wear the best unique socks that do not match the colour of trousers. It is not a neutral and boring choice. You just need a little extra care to carry it and it would look great. 


When Can You Wear Colourful Men's Socks?

If you aren't in a suit and tie formal dress, you have the option of wearing patterned and coloured socks if you wish to. It just needs to be paired up properly. You cannot just wear anything. Wear and make it work. That's the key. Be confident enough to carry colours. 


Why Would Men Choose Coloured Socks?

There are times when you might want it for your own enjoyment. A pair of bold coloured socks turn your usual shirt, jeans or t-shirt into something more classic. It gives an impression that you put some thought into deciding your outfit. It will also create your own unique sense of fashion. Yes, men too deserve to be fashionable. 


When you wish for extra colour coordination, show it off by subtle matching. Bright coloured socks that match something else in your outfit will add a nice touch to your look. Same colour pocket square and socks can be a great option. You can even match it with the colour of your sweater or jacket. Isn't it effortless? 


Can You Wear Fun Socks With A Tux? 

Of course, Go ahead and make it fun! When in confusion, choose classic colours. If you have just begun to break the glass and wear socks that do not match your trousers, prefer classic pieces. Level up with colours that are 2-3 tones near the radical colour. Colour socks to wear with blue suit would look great. 


Coordination of outfit is necessary. Always keep in mind that coordination does not mean colour matching. It means that the final look should be in sync. Pair up the colours together that look good together. Focus on setting contrasts.

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