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The History of Socks

Although socks have only existed in their modern form since the early 19th century, the actual concept of covering one’s feet to keep them warm has been around for thousands of years. Before shoes became common during the 18th century, socks were created out of animal skin and fur. 

Why do we use socks today is entirely different from the reason from ancient times? We wear socks to protect our feet from cold temperatures and rough terrain as humans began moving from hunter-gatherer societies to agricultural communities. They spent much of their time standing on hard surfaces or working in fields outside.


Who Invented Socks

The invention of socks is commonly attributed to the Romans who wore sandals or went barefoot. So, to protect their feet from the elements, they wore ankle-high socks called caligae. To support their claim as the true inventor of socks, many historians point to what appears to be a similar form being worn by Mongolians depicted in Chinese paintings from 687 BC.

When Were Socks Invented?

The history of socks is a long and winding one that dates back to ancient times. However, the modern-day sock was first invented in 1792 by a Scottish weaver named James Hutton.

The word sock comes from the Latin coccus which means shoe or slipper. The Romans wore what we would consider loose-fitting shoes. These shoes would often be made out of animal skin with wool inside to keep their feet warm and dry during the winter months when it was cold outside.

Why Were Socks Invented?

You might assume socks were invented to keep our feet warm and dry, but that’s not the case. It’s not surprising though—in the past people often went barefoot or wore shoes without socks. The earliest evidence of socks dates back to Egypt in 3000 B.C. and was made from woven plant fibers with a bit of leather added for durability. These early pairs weren’t designed to be worn on their own; they were instead used as an inner layer inside sandals. 

Ancient Egyptians also used socks as part of religious rituals; one such ritual was the mummification process, where the deceased would be buried with a pair of linen socks. It was a must to wear socks.

What are the Types of Socks?

There are some different sock types, the most common of which include Dress socks, Athletic socks, and Casual socks. Other types include Military or Ski, Knee High, and no-show socks. The type you choose largely depends on the occasion you are wearing them for. 

For example, no-show socks may be more appropriate for office wear but may not be suited to lounging around the house at home on a Saturday morning.


What are the Best Quality Socks?

Socks are made of a variety of materials, but the most common are cotton, wool, and synthetic materials.

Cotton socks are the most popular type, and they are the cheapest to produce. They are absorbent and breathable, which makes them perfect for hot weather climates. 

Wool socks are the second most popular type, and they are much more expensive to produce than cotton socks. They are also warmer than cotton socks and are resistant to moisture and odor. However, these crazy color socks of wool require more care than cotton socks.

Synthetic materials are the third most popular type of sock, and they are the most expensive to produce. Linen color socks are also the most durable and resistant to moisture.

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