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What Colour Socks To Wear With A Grey Suit?

Pairing socks with suits is an art. Styling a black suit is still easy but when it comes to grey, you need to level up your game. When considering a grey suit, there are two options: the first one is sticking to the black and white socks. The second being the seasonal trends with the best unique socks. However, you can overshadow both options by choosing fun socks.

Confused about the grey suit, what color socks? Black socks are definitely the safest option out there but who wants to look ordinary? Don't want to settle for less? Read in further to get some quirky ideas for looking stylish yet classy. 


When Should You Wear Solid Colours?

Solid-coloured socks are good for those who want to add a statement to their outfit through a tie, pocket square, or bowtie. For this kind of dressing, socks in shades of purple, green, red, or blue, are an easy choice. They look stylish yet subtle.


For a more fun and stylish look, wearing light coloured socks with colourful elements in them will enhance your look.


When Can You Wear Patterned Socks

Can you wear fun socks with a tux? Savvy and pop up socks are the steal-deal nowadays. Instead of classic plain black socks, you can decide to put in a pop of colour that ties the colour to your outfit. Colourful socks are not only fun to wear if used subtly, but they also go well with a grey suit, adding a different style to your dress. However, there are just a few things to keep in mind when pairing bright socks with a grey suit.


When you wish to add pattern socks to your wardrobe, you will have a whole range of great colours and styles. The options are just endless. You can add a fun flair to your day by just playing with your socks. You have amazing fun colourful pattern socks designs to choose from. Plaid, stripes, checkers, argyle, and polka dots, are some of the most worn styles. No matter what your state is, these fun socks will always exaggerate your look.


Things To Avoid While Wearing A Grey Suit?

Do not stick to neutral tones. The tones like black, grey, tan and navy are very obsolete. This won't give an impression that you have made any effort to carry your look. Get the fashion in real life that you've always had in your head. 

When carrying a formal look, do not overdo multiple colours. Choose one or two bright colours. Also, make sure that at least one colour is featured somewhere in the dress.


Best Casual Men's Socks: More Sock Tips For Grey Suits

While solid black, grey and navy are not the only sock colours that adjust well with a grey suit, they are really our three favourites.


What color socks to wear with a grey suit for an ordinary day? Change the game, draw attention with bold colours! If you want to add more oomph to your grey outfit, try an assortment of bright and bold colours comprising at least one neutral colour, such as gold, beige, yellow, white, cinnamon or navy.

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