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Why Do Socks Go Missing?

Funky socks for men are the current talk of the town and also a great option to improve the look. Printed socks exhibit your fun aspect.

People wear colourful- crazy socks as a description of their personality. If you strive in showing off your individuality, permit your crazy-fun socks to perform it for you. 

We have all seen this phenomenon – you unlock your sock drawer on an annoying morning, look for a pair of socks, and find that the socks you have do not match. When the socks go missing, it can be bothersome. 

Despite every protection, you constantly end up with an orphan sock. It is always best to find its partner before acute loneliness sets in. Read on further to know the reasons why your socks get lost.   


National Lost Sock Memorial Day

May 9 is a national National Lost Sock Memorial Day, celebrated annually to honours all the socks that are no longer with us. Although the name appears to suggest that the day’s motive is to commemorate lost socks, it is also equally an acknowledgement to the socks they’ve left.

While many are ready to accept that socks will definitely go missing after a certain time, we have come up with more intriguing and practical assumptions to clarify the matter of why socks go missing.


Hungry laundry Appliances

Wondering where do socks go? Laundry appliances are the main apparent convict in sock disappearances. Socks get stuck between the tub and drum of a washing machine. They can even be absorbed into the dryer filter.


Flying Sock

Being smaller and lighter than other clothes, socks can easily be blown off into your neighbour’s lawn. This is where unique socks can easily be identified. The fabulous labels and patterns of the socks will make your neighbours understand that the socks belong to you. They will know where to return them.


Improper Arrangement

Socks are very small and can easily get lost when not arranged properly in a bag or drawer. Keeping it here and there will ensure that you do not get it when needed. Do you want that? Definitely not, right? Keep it Organised like your other piece of clothes. 


Quick Fix

Just have one sock from a pair of socks? Do not worry. Fashion trends are changing frequently. People have now shifted to more quirky ideas. 


Well, you can get productive and make mismatched socks trendy. You can also wear two different coloured or patterned socks which is a style statement in itself. Make the unique odd socks look great by setting colour contrast with your entire outfit. 


Final Words

If you need to stand out in the crowd, vibrant coloured and patterned socks are suggested for you. Do not worry more about where do lost socks go. Make it work by unleashing your creativity. 


Is it ok to wear mismatched socks? Definitely yes! Mismatched socks uncover your crazy side by demonstrating bits of your intriguing and creative personality. OMNI socks are available in pairs, in singles or odd numbers. This will allow you to mix and match different colours and patterns.


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