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OMNI is a socks design company created by 2 brothers and a sister with endless passion for creating unique socks with simple yet powerful designs.

Fashion is about choices, about making a stand. In OMNI we love surprises and color. We want to laugh and be amazed. No one is the same and each day is different!

Our socks are sold individually for individuals. They are sold in pairs, in singles or in odd numbers, aimed to mix and match by you for self-expression and creativity, in a gift box for your loved ones or simply as they are.

Each sock in our series is different and able to pair the others for creating different and varied meanings.

The OMNI goal is to spread joy and self-expression through our high-quality products with unique designs while remembering that you have your own voice.



We admire art and fashion and we want to bring them to the front without limits.

We believe that we should take ourselves very seriously and not at all at the same time.

Combining the love and passion for designing and self-expression through accessories that had been overlooked for years - Socks!

We are bold and unique. We are different.

Are you?

Our next goal in OMNI socks is to explore new ways that can improve our environmental footprint using recycled fibers and yet still keeping our socks soft, comfy, high-quality and durable.



Did you ever wonder why are we buying socks in pairs?

Where are all of the lost socks?

How is it that we throw away all our single socks left in the closet?

If we care about this planet, why are we throwing away perfectly good single sock??

In OMNI socks we give our community the option to buy even a single sock.

By selling single socks we are reducing our environmental impact so when 1 sock get lost there is no need to throw away its pair.

A pair doesn’t have to be two of the same! It is a new way of fashionable freedom and a new exciting shopping experience.